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Welcome to All Fitness Group, a leading health and fitness provider in Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Originally started by Edd Arterton in 2010 the All Fitness Group aims to provide fun, effective and flexible service to its clients and customers. 

Our Vision: Providing a fun, effective and flexible journey to a healthier and more active life

The brand is becoming well known and seen as a reference point for people who want to start moving more and go on to great lifestyle changes and challenges. 

Our Bootcamps provide fun, motivation and results in the outdoor setting, allowing you to become full of energy, healthier and fitter, and full of self confidence with a real sense of achievement. 

Our Group Personal Training gives our clients a low cost introduction to Personal training, here our focus ensures our clients gain the results they want. A fully planned, periodised plan to our training give people a real target that they can aim for. 

All Fitness Personal Training brings together the knowledge and experience of a Sports Science Graduate, Chartered Physiotherapist and a Personal Trainer with over 6 years experience. We provide, specific training for any goal from losing inches to prepping for a skiing holiday. 

All Fitness Physiotherapy uses a holistic, functional and common sense approach to treating disorders, conditions and injuries. Effective assessments, thorough explanations and practical treatment plans is the crux of our methods. We also aim to enable clients and patients to be active and exercise whilst remediating their condition, movement is the basis of life, we want to help you move more with less pain. 

All Fitness Massage 
involves a mixture of Remedial and Sports Massage to relieve, relax and reconfigure the bodies muscular, skeletal and circulatory system. Trigger points, knots, tender areas are relieved and treated, as well as specific treatments to re-train posture which are mostly the cause of painful conditions. 

All of our services and programmes offer exceptional customer service, professionalism with the personal touch. As we grow we aim to provide a method that can positively enhance lives from children to older adults. 

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