All Fitness Group Personal Training

Welcome to the specialised small group training programme!

Our focus on your needs enables us to deliver a complete training programme to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time

Within 4 weeks you will be motivated through a progressive plan, whereby techniques, resistance, training zones and intensity will be modified so your progress is maintained. 

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible...."
                                                                                                                        Frank Zappa

Price for 45 min sessions:

Once a week @ £25 per month

Twice a week @ £50 per month


Types of training you will experience:

- Interval training
- HIIT training such as Tabatta
- Kettlebells
- Vipr
- TRX Suspension training
- Battling Ropes
- Powerbag
- Boxing
- Core training & Pilates
- Functional training
- Static, dynamic, multiplanar, explosive movements patterns and methods

How we track your progress:

- Body Fat Percentage tracking and Body Weight Measurements
- Blood pressure Assessments every 4 weeks.

How Group Personal Training sets itself apart:

    1) Limited to 15 attendees, we maintain our focus on all of our clients

    2) Exclusively progressive - unlike regular bootcamps and circuit training. Each session you progress.

    3) No matter what the weather condition, your training environment remains stable

    4) The Competitive Edge...Training in groups always brings healthy, positive competitive side to exercise. Keeping up with your partner or team, pushing each other helps you progress faster.

For more information or to book, please email

Where and When:

6:15am Tuesdays & Thursdays

Energie Fitness For Women Chester

2-6 Brookdale Place
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