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"6am rocks! By the time the world is waking up, we have trained hard and left on a high. Results are obvious after just 4 weeks . Inches lost and all over happier!"

Monthly Fees

1 session per week
2 sessions per week
3 sessions per week
Unlimited sessions
Corporate - Unlimited Sessions
Under 21's, Over 60's & Students - Unlimited Sessions

Block Booking

10 sessions
20 sessions

Booking Terms & Conditions

Monthly Payments

  • If you have missed any sessions, they can be carried over, as long as it is within the period of time in which you have paid for.
  • For example if you pay for 3 months membership and join us on the 3rd of April, then your 3 month expiry date will be on the 4th of July. Paying for 1, 2, or 3 sessions per week will not affect your membership expiry date. It is your responsibility to use your allocated sessions within the months that you have paid for by attending extra sessions in the weeks remaining before your membership expires (to catch up). However if you have any session left after your membership expires i.e. 4th July, then you will not be able to use them in your next membership.
  • If you pay for 3 months membership at 2 sessions per week but decide you would like to attend 3 sessions per week on some occasions, we will just count down your sessions and let you know when you have used up all your sessions.
  • Corporate fees are for a min of 5 people from the same company. A payslip or letter will need to be shown as proof.
  • Under 21's, over 60 and Students must show a valid form of identification.

Block Bookings

  • Block bookings of 10 or 20 sessions are valid for 6 months.


  • Arriving late to a session will only reduce your session time, full session benefits and results. We can not prolong any sessions if customers arrive late.
  • Assume sessions will always go ahead. If circumstances permit us to cancel a session we will let you know in advance. Your sessions remaining will not be affected and your membership expiry date will be adjusted accordingly if any sessions are cancelled.
  • Paying by cash on a session-by-session basis will not be accepted. Online payment is our preferred method. If online payment is a problem then we may allow you to pay by cheque. However, please contact us if this will be the case.

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