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John Quinton-Barber 6am Altrincham Bootcamp, Cheshire

"Being told you have a resemblance to Peppa Pig's daddy by your three year old should have been enough to spur any fast approaching middle aged bloke into some kind of sporting action. It certainly did me well kind of.

Two years ago I joined All Fitness Bootcamps. I started off doing three mornings a week pushing myself and within a relatively short period I began to feel fitter. But the weight wasn't dropping off.

A year on and after sticking at my 6am ritual, I began to get frustrated by the lack of weight loss. It just wasn't shifting.

So, in July 2011 and after weighing in at a hefty 18 stone, I spoke to the trainers at All Fitness and I did the one thing that I had been reluctant to do for the previous year change my diet.

Off went the local kebab shop number from my BT's friends and family list and in came my passion for stuff like cottage cheese, rice cakes, quinoa; poached eggs and lean meats.

I made a pledge last July that by the following July I would have lost three stone. By making changes to my diet and by upping my game at Bootcamp - I reached my target 15 stone by April four months ahead of schedule and I completed a 10km mud run. I also helped to raise over 1,000 for charity.

The moral to my story is simple. Fat won't disappear by exercise alone. You need to make changes to your diet.. Also, get as much out of Bootcamp as you can. Push yourself to your limits at every session and keep chatting to the trainers about your goals. That's what they are there for.

It's not all good news. Losing weight does have its major downside. As a Yorkshireman, I've reluctantly parted with some brass this year to get a new wardrobe. Now they didn't tell me that would happen when I joined Bootcamp."

Helen, 6am Altrincham Bootcamp Cheshire

“It sounds like a cliché, but I didn't realise exercise could be enjoyable! I’m feeling a difference after only two weeks and I’m driving my friends and family mad with my boundless energy”

Caroline, 6pm Altrincham Bootcamp, Cheshire

"Boot camp is not what one would call a glamorous way of exercising but boy does it do what it says on the tin! I have been coming now for over a year in all weathers. I definitely feel trimmer and fitter. Just invest in some waterproofs (Manchester weather) and enjoy because you will!"

Gail, 6pm Altrincham Bootcamp, Cheshire

"Really good workout, great fun, altogether a really worthwhile and enjoyable experience. highly recommended!

Lynsey, 10am Altrincham Bootcamp, Cheshire

"No two sessions are the same, which keeps me motivated and stops me getting bored of working out - easily done!"

Alex, 6am Altrincham Bootcamp, Cheshire

"I can’t believe that I actually WANT to get up at 6am to do Bootcamp, whatever the weather.... and I get withdrawal symptoms if I can’t make it. The sessions are always varied, always challenging, always enjoyable."

Cathy, 6am Altrincham Bootcamp, Cheshire

"6am rocks! By the time the world is waking up, we have trained hard and left on a high. Results are obvious after just 4 weeks. Inches lost and all over happier."

Richard, All Fitness Personal Training

"I first used Edd for Personal Training in 2011, initially on a month-by-month basis and was impressed with the standard of his technical knowledge, attention to detail and complete focus on his client's individual needs and competency levels. Edd made the training challenging but fun and I enjoyed excellent results with his guidance. At the beginning of 2012 I again worked with Edd on an 8-week training programme. Edd designed a structured diet and training regime to get the best possible results within that timeframe. I lost over a stone in weight whilst adding muscle and cannot compliment Edd enough for his support. He is an outstanding Personal Trainer."

Rachel, All Fitness Physio

"I have visited Edd for 3 different problems over the last few years, each of which was causing me considerable pain, discomfort or limited mobility. On each occasion, Edd quickly diagnosed the problem and provided immediate treatment, and then agreed a treatment plan that ensured the problem was fixed in the shortest time possible. He's great at explaining what the issue is so that you can really understand the problem, and most importantly what could be causing it so you can take steps to ensure it doesn't re-occur. He provides stretches and exercises that you can do in your own time to work on the problem every day, and he doesn't suggest unnecessary treatments or visits. Each time my issue got fixed quickly and hasn't come back. He's great to chat to during treatment, makes you feel very comfortable and you can have a laugh with him at the same time.

Amanda, All Fitness Physio

I have visited Edd for a couple of different ailments recently. Each time he has been patient and professional and listens carefully to what you tell him. He knows exactly what to do and his professional help and advice as enabled me to return to near normal activity whereas before the treatment I was in considerable pain and discomfort. I would thoroughly recommend him.

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