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Edd Arterton

Edd is extremely personable, approachable and always happy to aid anyone in their health and fitness journey.

Edd’s infectious personality will ignite your feelings of passion and motivation for training, pushing you through barriers and having endless inner confidence in completing tasks set or challenges made. 

Edd has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. He possesses an Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science and is also a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist.  He also practices as a Physiotherapist and Specialist Personal Trainer.

He states, ‘My training approach combines body conditioning and sculpting, rehabilitation and structural alignment of the body to meet my clients’ vision’.  ‘When training with me you will be pushed, encouraged and really enjoy putting your body through its paces.  I will train side by side with you to get the results you want’.

Edd’s unique selling point -  ‘To give the client a superlative experience of fitness, fun and  team work by using researched, exciting and proven training methods producing a state of health, self image and well being that surpasses all expectations.’

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